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love always marisa

i started my first blog-style thing on the couch of my college dorm room. i wrote about studying abroad, and my bittersweet thoughts on being 20-something. since then, i've fallen in love with everything related to lifestyle and travel. i’ve found adventurers, dreamers, and loving humans that inspire me every day. and almost, just maybe, what i’m supposed to do on this planet.

enter, love. it's so unreal to me that we can fall so effortlessly in love — with our surroundings, other human beings, and the world. and it’s a very strong part of me, my core. i have a bold heart, and embrace all the emotions that come with it. it’s turned into my everything. and it’s made me want to capture those seconds that spark something inside of us. the raw and the real.

to me, that's the beauty of all of this life stuff. that there is a passion inside of all of us, and that we have the ability to change the world with it. with simply empathy, ambition, and LOVE.

love always marisa is rooted in creating that for you, and for others — to love the life that you live, and live a life that you love.


insta: @marisataylorc // fb: @lovealwaysmtc // twitter: @marisataylorc

i'm always open to collaborating with other creatives and brands. please feel free to reach out to my email or on social media at any time. i'd love to talk with you!

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